What if...?

That's what I'm saying.

The holidays are coming…and I’m already seeing articles and blog posts titled “How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain” and “Don’t Sabotage Yourself this Holiday Season…” and they all get me wondering what would happen if we (meaning I.  Cause it's my blog and all) didn’t follow their advice or even our (again: my) own better judgment this holiday season?  Would my world—that I work really hard to create and maintain--crumble? Would my body break down or balloon up to some socially unacceptable size?  I mean really, what's the worst that could happen if I broke all my own rules? 

In other words:

  • What if I actually just enjoyed what I ate this year without calorie counting or taking mental notes to shame myself into "better" future eating behavior?
  • What if I refused to punish myself the next day (Just. Five. More. Minutes. On the treadmill)?
  • What if I skipped the gym altogether?
  • What if I stayed up late watching bad TV, and then took a nap with the kids the next day instead of working or “getting things done” around the house during nap time?
  • What if I didn’t check my email while I was playing “Cariboo Island” (if you have a preschooler, you must get this game.  We play it, oh, about every waking minute these days) on the kitchen floor with the kids?
  • What if I stayed up late with my husband (wink, wink)?
  • What if I wore my new leopard print stilettos out at night without socks?

Would anything bad actually happen?  Would I ruin my grand life plans?  Would I dash my chances for success?  Would I be more or less happy/relaxed/fulfilled?

I’m not sure…  But after writing this up, I'm starting to think the real question is do I have the courage to find out?