Day 340: I've Got (yoga) Issues

A little wipe board wisdom at the studio this morningSo I'm back doing hot yoga.  Which is actually where this whole challenge began last January (reacp: my first personal challenge entry) And it's weird.  Things are different.  I've changed.

I still love it and all, but now that I've done other forms (mostly hatha, yin, flow and Bikram.  Would have loved to have dabbled in others, but the classes were too far away or at inconvenient times) I miss some of the moves.

When I started this project last winter, everything other than a 90 minute hot class seemed like it was for old ladies.  Just not challenging enough.  Not aggressive enough (oooh, which brings me today's Daily Mantra: "Mindfully, not aggressively.  See how this all comes together?).  But then I feel in love with Sufi Grinds (I'm just gonna own it) and now I feel like class is incomplete without a few whirls around my hips.

I also used to love the rigidity and predictability of the series of postures used in most hot classes (not as strict as the Bikram 26, but still pretty close).  And um, now I don't.  Now I feel like there are muscles the hot series doesn't engage.  And I find myself yearning to block out the teacher and throw in some extra poses of my choice (extended side angle pose!  Awkward pigeon! Goddess pose!) which would feel so darn good to do in the heat.  Of course, I could stay for a while after class and try to fit them in, but 1) there's only so many minutes in a day I can devote to yoga and 2) by the time my body has gone through savasana, it's hard to rev up again and keep practicing solo.  

So basically, I'm feeling like there is no perfect class...and what I really want is a home hot studio and a private instructor who could lead me through a hatha-hot-flow-series....but with a tad of yin thrown in (so I can hang out in my fave poses for a while).  Oh, and we'd play good music, too.   Like yoga trance and shit. 

The one other weird thing about the hot studio I'm at these days:  they have different names than I'm used to for some of the poses.  Like Utkatasana, which in hatha I've normally heard called "Chair Pose"...or at Bikram, "Awkward Pose."  This morning, the teacher was all, "let's sink now into Powerful Pose."  Whaa?  

Similarly, after the bit of the floor series on our stomachs, she said "Let's do Crocodile Pose now."  And I sort of perked up, thinking huh, this is something new.  Until she called out the instructions for getting into it...and it was Dolphin Plank. Which I loathe. (More on that here).    So I'm thinking this studio has the glass-half-full version of the Sanskrit to English dictionary...because they're putting a positive spin on everything.

In any case, I'm psyched to be there.  Well, okay, not at 6:29am when I arrive on the mat, but in general. And with only 12 days's raising lots of interesting questions about what I've learned...and who I am as a yogi.  ( <-bwaaa haa haaa.  Writing that cracks me up because I still don't feel like one.  But then again, 11.5 months of daily practice counts for SOMETHING, right?)

Oh! And PS.  Best mat for hot yoga?  My wrinkly practice towel is driving me bonkers.