Sleep (Take 1)

Ollie at 6 months--asleep outside at a summer cocktail party. How do kids do that?I really don't get a lot of sleep.  Which is a problem because I need 8+ hours to function properly and even begin to be pleasant. 

When Oliver was born, he didn't sleep much either.  I still don't know if it's because he legitimately wasn't tired, or if I fucked things up. I'd put him down for naps and ten or fifteen minutes later, he'd be up again.  Or he'd sleep for exactly 40 minutes (which I now know is the duration of one baby sleep cycle).  Then he'd be up, wide awake and cranky. 

As the weeks and months went on, I'd hear moms on the playground talk about how much their kids (who were the same age as Ollie) were sleeping.

"We got a 6 hour stretch last night!

"She's dropped a feed!"

"I HATE YOU," I'd think to myself.  "I bet they're lying," I'd tell myself to feel better. Because we didn't get a 6 hour stretch and Ollie hadn't dropped a feed.   In fact, until he was 9 months old and I took matters into my own hands (and by that I mean I threw money at the problem and hired a sleep consultant), Ollie didn't really sleep more than an hour or two at a time.  

So we sleep trained.  We spent $250 (the best money we've spent on baby-related stuff to date), for a customized plan that was a Controlled Cry-It-Out (CIO) method. The consultant had us keep a log detailing exactly when he ate, slept and pooped--and how much of each--and then came and to talk us through exactly how work the plan.  

"Start on a Friday night," she advised.  "So both your husband will be home to help you through the worst days."  I was terrified.

But it worked.  And it wasn't all that painful. And Ollie didn't stop smiling and laughing.  And we all got more sleep.    That's not the end of the story, however.   Because now, even though he knows how to sleep and even though Felix has been a better sleeper from the start, there's always something.  Someone is vomiting; someone has a cold and can't breathe; someone has a dirty diaper; someone needs water...and no one wants to be comforted by papa.  And mama can't go back to sleep easily (read: pretty much at all) once I've been woken up.

So where is this post going?  What's the point?  No real point, actually.  I'm just complaining because I'm tired.