Motherhood on the Red Carpet

The hype about her appearance is not her fault, but it makes me not like her anyway. "Amanda Peet Hits the Red Carpet--8 Days After Baby!"

The headline alone makes me want to scream for so many reasons, I don't even know where to begin. 

1) I hate that it makes women who are home having a normal post delivery experience (ie complete with sleepless freakouts, amazing bonding moments etc) feel less than

Less than perfect because they are not looking hot in a designer dress.

Less than desirable because their boobs are leaking (or bleeding if breast feeding isn't going well).

Less than wealthy because they don't have (most likely hired) help to take care of such a small baby. 


2) I also hate the vicious cycle the media create by publicizing this.  They print it, which makes us care.  And then when we care too much ("Shit!  I didn't drop the baby weight 78 hours after delivery like Heidi Klum, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker etc.  I'm ruined!"), they laugh at us and call us crazy.  They've done the same thing with the concept of Bridezilla.  Scrutinize and report on every last detail of celebrity and society weddings, encourage us to devote the same time and money and effort to our own, then make a reality show about the "freaks" who care too much.  

3) And I hate hate hate that they attribute Amanda Peet's "simple sexy look" to being a "new mommy" when it's really about having a great stylist, being showered with free products and having the time to spend on personal grooming.