Girls, girls, girls

What? You didn't have the same outfit when you were eight?O, where to begin?

So these eight and nine-year-old girls danced their hearts out at a World of Dance contest in Pomona, California earlier this month.  And by all accounts, they were great.  Amazing even.  In fact, the Web is now chock-a-block (note my use of such a kick-ass expression) with professional dancers saying that they can't believe the dexterity and precision demonstrated by these girls.  

Yay them!

But, um... yeah.  About those outfits?  And those moves?  And the fact some of the girls' parents are calling the outfits and moves totally normal ("The costumes are designed for movement, unrestricted movement and to show body lines")?  If you say so, Mom.  But in my opinion what's really going on here is that the girls (and/or their parents) are demonstrating that they are dialed into which women in our culture are recognized, celebrated, desired and financially rewarded.  And then they're making sure to get them some of that.

In other words, many professions for women offer intellectual gratification, personal success and even quite decent compensation.  But until being a computer programmer/EMT/Fortune 500 CEO has the same cultural cred as being a reality star/stripper/supermodel or just plain hot chick, not a lot is going to change.  And more girls are going to be shaking it to make it from a young age. 

And though I'm no Mary Murphy Mia Michaels, I'd like to see what would happen if these girls dedicated their impressive talent to something that actually did them justice and put them on the path to being savvy, smart women  Now that would be worth watching. 


PS.  I'll be talking about this issue on Breakfast Television in Vancouver this coming Wednesday, May 19th at around 8am PT.  Watch me live, or check it out online!!