Padma Lakshmi: Almost a body image activist

Padma, Padma, Padma. What on earth was going through your pretty little head?The Huffington Post is running a piece on Padma, her bod and how she feels about the universe now that she has a bebeh. 

"I was 25 pounds heavier than people are used to seeing me. There was nothing I could do about it, so I just accepted it.  I just thought, I had a baby, that's way more important. Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes and I wanted to show women that you can dress well, that you can still feel sexy, that you can still feel confident, and it was OK if my boobs were big because I was feeding another human being."

Tell it, sister!  I like your style!  This is sounding A-OK by me!  G'wan wicherbadself!

But then she adds:

"I felt good then, I feel good now, I'll feel even better when I lose the last 15 pounds."  

Um lady, now you're really bumming me out.  Because you undercut your own powerful statement by admitting that you're holding yourself to a before-and-after standard.  But wait, I'm about 18 months post partum, and I do that too. I mean, a hundred times a day I must think something like "Oh, but my stomach doesn't really look like this--this is just temporary."  And maybe it is.  Maybe all things (except total hours of sleep logged per night) will eventually go back to how they were before I had kids.  

But then again, maybe they won't.  Maybe this is my new normal...and Padma and I should just get with the (meaning our bodies') program. And maybe I shouldn't have expectations of Padma that I'm not able to meet myself.  

Or maybe since Miss P is on TV and has a powerful public platform, she could pay extra special careful attention to comments about her weight and appearance since we, as a culture, seem to have a pretty hard time with beauty ideals--especially with all the celebrity moms who drop the baby weight and walk the runway 47 minutes after giving birth. (Yes, I'm talking to you Heidi Klum.)