Day 122: The Early Bird Special

Broadway, 6:50am.For the past five days, I've done my yoga first thing in the morning.  Although actually, it hasn't really been first thing because the classes have been at 7:00 or 7:30am and I get up at about 5:30 most mornings with the kids... but whatever.   It's been early in in the day. 

And I'm finding I like it for a few reasons: 

1) Sometimes it's nice to be done and not to have to think about gearing up for exercise later in the day

2) It's also a relief to know that other things (and by things I mean Chris's insane work schedule) won't get in the way

3) I like coming away from the mat with a nugget of wisdom that I can try to apply to my whole day.   For instance, today the instructor said, "Learn to let go of your expectations and attachments and just do your yoga."  And the other day I heard, "Root to rise," which I took as a suggestion to create a strong foundation and then keep building on it, not just advice for how to stand up from a forward fold. 

The fun part now is listening to see what phrase or direction will ring true to me on each day as the teacher goes through her instructions and motivational speaking.  It's like I don't know what I'm waiting to hear until I do...and then it's all so clear.   (And I'm sharing the mini mantras that strike me daily on my Twitter feed, so follow me if you'd like a little inspiration, too!)