Cover Girl Culture


Right around the time my book All Made Up: A Girl’s Guide to Seeing Through Celebrity Hype and Celebrating Real Beauty was published, a former Elite model named Nicole Clark contacted me about a new DVD documentary she was creating.  She told me it was going to explore the impact of today’s beauty standards on teens and young women.  She told me she was going to take aim at the media created for young women for offering so little to girls by way of role models and definitions of beauty.  She told me it was going to be BIG—and basically, she had me at Hello.

Well, fast forward to now.  Cover Girl Culture is out.  It’s received rave reviews at film festivals and is in high rotation at colleges and universities.   It’s that good.  Let's see, it's got:

 …Teen Vogue editors talking about how they don’t want their readers to feel badly about themselves, and how they “act responsibly” by seeking out models that aren’t too skinny.

 …Elle mag editors saying that they’re “realistic about the fact [that what they portray] is a dream…

 …The mayor of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada asking where the next generation of greatness is going to come from when everything our culture feeds on is so lightweight and toxic.

...and girl after girl after girl talking about how she wants to model/look like a model/be famous. 


This is good stuff, and I’m so proud to be a part of it.   So, check out a clip of me in the documentary below, and buy a copy for yourself (your teen, a teacher, a librarian, a troop leader, a guidance counselor etc) today.  It’s only $20 on Amazon.