Day 265: What is the state of *you*?

Only 100 days left of my challenge. Then what?

The other day, one of my favorite teachers asked us to reflect on our physical state that morning.  I was pumped, actually --rarin' to go since her class tends to be a bit more challenging than some of the other morning classes (yawn, restorative yoga for old ladies.  But hey, a 7am class means less chaos and inconvenience for my family... so I do it some days whether or not I love the teacher/vibe.).  

So my physical state?  Good. Sharp. Eager.  Mental and spiritual state? Wellll, that's actually taken me a few days to figure out.   But here it is, a portrait of the state of me:


I'm tired:  Even though the kids go to bed at 8pm, I never seem to make it to bed before 11:00. And I'm not sure why that is since I consider myself a good time manager. But between adult dinner, clean up, writing, ironing, chatting with my husband and possibly reading I never get to bed at 10, even though I tell myself that I will.

I'm anxious: We have a big change happening in our lives in the next few days (more on that, possibly... soon) and I'm nervous about our decision.

I'm ambitious:  I've got a few things on the go--things I've been working on for ages-- that I hope are about to come together. And I've got more I want to get started on.

I'm content: The kids have been so heart-achingly sweet lately, I want to eat them.  They've been sleeping pretty well, too, which makes me never want to travel or change the clocks ever again.  "Mama," Ollie began yesterday, "you're a nice mama."  That's the kind of stuff I mean.

I'm excited:  I'm going on my first yoga retreat next weekend.  Lots of classes and hiking and vegetarian food on an island off British Columbia. It doesn't get any crunchier than that.  Stay tuned for photos of us blissing out in Utthita Parsvakonasana (that's extended side angle pose to some).

I'm amazed: I've actually been doing a small bit of consistent running, which is HUGE for me (more on that here).  I'm even thinking of trying to do a 10K in a few weeks--something I never thought I'd do again.  I could come in dead last and I won't even care.  

And I'm hopeful...that things will just stay like this for awhile.