The perfect diaper bag is a work of art

A thing of beauty. My Okiedog bag (sigh).

File this under things I never thought I’d write about.  I mean, diaper bags?  Booooring. They're all the same.  Just go for the prestige and get a Coach/Kate Spade/whatever.

 Mais non, mon amie!  The perfect diaper bag (much like the perfect purse or tote) is actually a work of art.  It’s a blend of design and functionality—and if one leeetle thing isn’t right (the straps are too long/too short; the bag doesn’t stand up on it’s own; the lining is so dark that things get lost inside--hello Kate Spade.  I'm talking to you), the bag ends up collecting dust in the closet.  At least that’s what happens in my house.

So now, let me count the ways I love my new Okiedog Equinox Metro Messenger diaper bag.


  1. It’s so light! Waaaaay lighter than the Oilily and Room 7 diaper bags I’ve toted around for the past three years.  And as fellow moms know, when you’ve got diapers, wipes, a changing pad, change of clothes for the baby, emergency underwear and socks for the preschooler, snack, water bottle,  a few band aids, a bottle of bubbles, a Thomas the Train whistle and personal effects (phone, wallet etc) every ounce (or gram for all youse international types) counts.
  2. It’s got a bazillion pockets…and they are all so well thought out.  In the front there’s the Mom Pocket with a place to stash my iPhone, a clip for my keys and plenty of room for my wallet, lip balm, a pen,  and my change purse that’s actually filled with admission cards to the aquarium, the pool, Science World etc, etc. In other words, I don’t need a purse when I carry this, and it looks so good that I don’t mind carrying it to places other than the playground.
  3. It’s good looking. Black and white? Goes with everything, riiight?
  4. It’s got a cross body messenger strap so I can sling the whole thing behind me and have my hands free for dealing with the monsters…AND it’s got tote straps (the messenger strap can unclip, or you can let it dangle) that makes it look v. chic. People have actually stopped and to ask, “Where did you get your purse?” LOVE seeing the shock on their faces when I tell them it’s a diaper bag.
  5. It comes with a quilted pad (that’s wipeable, not cloth) that Felix actually likes to lay down on for diaper changes.  And it’s long compared to the other change pads I’ve had included with bags, so most of his body fits on it.
  6. It comes with a drawstring mini bag that you can a) stash a diaper and wipes in if you don’t want to take the whole bag into the change room with you or b) use as an emergency bag for dirty clothes etc. 
  7. It’s got clips that let you fasten it to any stroller.  They’re situated right near where the messenger strap attaches and you just pull them around the stroller bars and click ‘em.  LOVE!
  8. Okiedog is a cool name that’s fun to say.
  9. The bottle holder on the outside of the bag is roomy enough to fit a real adult-sized water bottle, not just a baby bottle, which means you don’t have to put the water bottle inside where it might open.  And leak.  And soak all of your gear and snacks.  Which makes the kids cry and the bag smell.  Not good.
  10. There are actually so many different styles, I think I might just have to get another since I’ve got at least a year until Felix is toilet trained.