How I Feel About Hooters.

Sisterhood of the boobs and shorts. I don't normally get political, but then I saw this ("GOP Politician Goes from Hooters Girl to State House") and, well,  here I am creating a post with tags like #GOP and #Bodyimage because worlds are conflating.

I always hated that the stripper/showgirl movies (Striptease with Demi Moore, Showgirls with Elizabeth Berkley) in the 1990s depicted the protagonists as victims--good girls involved in a sordid world for a noble cause (for the love of the dance! Because being a single mom is hard!).  Of course I believe such scenarios exist, but I hate the implied morality tale (It's not *their* fault for chrissakes. It's the *system's* fault.  They had no choice!  These girls aren't strippers etc, they're actually empowered, family-values lovin' renegade crusaders taking care of business the best way they know how in their god-given sexy bodies.  I exaggerate, sure, but that's really how I remember reading the movies back in the day.)

Well, that same narrative is now being played out in the Tennessee State House, and I bet the GOP couldn't be more thrilled.  Because the protagonist this time around is the lovely 29 year old Julia Hurley, a former Hooters Girl who has seen the light and now reps a conservative district.  She seems smart, demure and paints Hooters as a bastion of sisterly support, with a protective father figure as the benevolent manager to boot. How's that for cleaning up what's still, c'mon now, a titty bar? 

From the report:

"For Julia Hurley, working at Hooters to pay her college expenses was an experience that consisted of more than just chicken wings and skimpy uniforms...."

"Hooters gave me the opportunity to belong to a group of women who had also struggled, or were struggling," Hurley, who had a daughter at age 15, wrote in the latest issue of the restaurant chain's magazine, Hooters.

Awww.  That is just so *nice*.  Really.  And then there's this part:

"Hurley notes one manager in particular who stood by her after a six-month hiatus from work due to illness. "I had gained quite a bit of weight, but he offered [the job] to me anyway," she says. "He took me under his wing, and within the year I had gotten back into physical shape and had become a trainer for that store."

What an insanely great guy.  He was just totally there for her, ignoring restrictive beauty ideals and shit and helping her out until she dropped enough weight to be hot again.  That just warms my heart. Especially the bit about how once she was hot again, he totally promoted her to, like, Head Hottie so she could help all the other girls get hotter. That is some great managing going on right there. I hope be got a bonus.

I mean, please.  

I don't have issues with nudity or sex blah blah blah...but I do have a problem with the GOP's stance on lots of issues connected to women's rights--and places that institutionalize narrow, restrictive, limiting definitions of female beauty.   

What can I say? I prefer to get empowered elsewhere.