Maybe Heidi Montag deserves another chance

This may be old news, but a January 3, 2011 copy of Life & Style featuring Heidi's confessions has been sitting on my desk for over a month...and I've got a few related thoughts I need to get off my (non-surgically enhanced) chest. 

Why is no one talking about Heidi's recantations?  As a culture, we couldn't shut up last year about the number of surgeries she elected to have, her cup size, her relationship with her mother, the shade of her bleached blonde hair, her failed pop album, her PR seeking stunts etc etc.

And now she's admitted that we were right.  That "surgery made her look worse."  That she regrets having gone under the knife.  That there have been major repercussions (she can't jog due to the size of her G-cup breasts; she can't wash her face because she's afraid to bump her fragile nose; she has visible dimpling and scars on the back of her legs).

"Surgery ruined my career and my personal life, and just brought a lot of negativity into my world.  I wish I could jump into a time machine and take it all back," she states in the issue pictured here.

Wow.  That's pretty all encompassing--and basically everything everyone in the body image community wants to hear.   In fact, it's basically what every mom of a teen girl wants to hear, too.  Yet no one is congratulating Heidi for speaking out.  All right, "congratulating" might be a strong word...but at least applauding her.  I mean, maybe Heidi could actually do some good around this issue if given a chance.  After all,  according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons nearly 210,000 plastic surgery procedures were performed on patients aged 13-19 in 2009. And in 2010, there were a total of 13.1 million cosmetic plastic surgeries performed in the US.  That's up 5% from 2009--and I don't see much out there that going to help reverse this trend.

Except maybe Heidi.  

Wouldn't it be cool if Heidi made herself over again, but this time into a body image advocate who reaches out to teens who think they, too, need to emulate today's unnatural beauty ideals?  

Hell, I'd team up with her.  Then maybe she--and this important issue--would get the attention I think they deserve.