"The Stanley Cup Girls" (because apparently even hockey is really about hot chicks)


This is not a joke. Professional men's sports have a long history of using women's bodies to boost ticket sales and sex things up. Nothing new there.  But that doesn't make it all right or mean that it bothers me any less. Especially when I come across a site that portrays female fans as accessories to be rated on a "Hot or Not?" scale.


When I was in my midtwenties I was invited by a male pal to an NBA game between the New Jersey Nets and the New York Knicks.  Big rivalry+high energy, loudmouth tri-state area fans=lots of fun for everyone… even those who didn’t know jack about basketball (me) and who were in the middle of dealing with a serious illness (also me).   

I had a great time that night, actually--at least at first.  My friend and I inhaled all kinds of raunchy junk food and checked out the pre-Snooki Jersey Girls' outfits while watching NY pummel NJ (Go Knicks.  Or whatever).  Then it was half time (or intermission.  Or whatever) and the New Jersey Nets Girls came out.  And they danced.  And shook their asses.  And the crowd cheered.  


I, on the other hand, felt like crap.  And before you say it's just cause I was jealous, let me add that I would have even it I hadn't been dealing with extenuating health circumstances.  Because the Intermission-cum-Opportunity to Ogle Hot Chicks on the court infused the evening with a locker room, boys' night feel that just wasn't Real Woman friendly. They Nets Girls were there for the male fans, which to be sure makes up the team's loyal fan base.  But what about the rest of the fans who fork over cash for a seat in the stadium?  Can you imagine them bringing out Yo Gabba Gabba for school-age fans?  Or maybe the Chippendale dancers for all the single ladies?  Prolly not.  But yet somehow it was--and still is--okay to trot out half dressed women for the guys in the audience to fantasize about, while the rest of the fans in attendance are supposed to just suck it up.  

Go Canucks Go.jpg

Which brings me to this point: I've never understood why it's okay to ogle women's bodies in co-ed company.  Of course, I've got issues with it any which way, but it's always bugged me when women who are at an event with their men, or who are at any mainstream/co-ed event are supposed to be okay with having other women on display for men to consume/lust after etc.  Like in old movies about Vegas or Monte Carlo or Paris... when it was considered a glamorous night out for a couple to take in a show featuring scantily-clad showgirls. It's the perfect example of the Madonna/Whore complex at work.  Men out with the wives/dates/women they could take home Mom....while they got to watch and dream about another type of lady all together.   And women were supposed to put up with that?

A random public bus spreading Canucks spiritIn other words, the Stanley Cup Playoffs is not a guys-only event.  It's a co-ed event...a family event...a matter of city-wide pride up here.  And websites that make it all all about hot chicks with comments like:

"While the Blackhawks have some of the hottest Ice Girls in the league, we found the Canucks’ squad a bit disappointing..."

are pretty much ruining the magic for everyone who's not a guy between the ages of 13-40.  


Go Luongo!

Yeah Sedin Twins!