Celebrities: They're Just like You and Me! (Not.)


I’ve had it with celebrities who try to pass as normal people.

First, Gwyneth was all “Every woman can make time to exercise."  And you can even do it “with your baby in the room” !  (Cause there’s nothing that my 2 and 4 year old boys would liike more than hanging out in the TV room on a sunny day watching me do the Tracy Anderson Method.)


Then, Reese Witherspoon was all I don’t get up to make movies.  I awaken to have an excellent family and to cultivate the highest life for all of us.”   Whoa.  Heavy.  And kind of out of touch, ungrateful and disingenuous given that most people don't earn 15+ million per movie and enjoy the choices that Reese does.

Finally the other day, I came across a similar quote from pregnant Alyssa Milano:

“I’ve had such a great time being pregnant that you’re probably going to see me more pregnant than not in the next few years.  I’m really digging it.” 

Yay for her.  No, really.   But I’m with blogger Julie Ryan Evans who calls Alyssa out in her  “Open letter to Alyssa Milano on her Pefect Pregnancy’ on The Stir:


Right now, you're having a blast picking out baby names and decorating the nursery for your new baby boy, but soon you may not be able to pick up anything from the floor because you will be so enormous. Don't get me wrong, it's a glorious time, but just don't start buying cribs for all these babies you plan to have soon. There's a chance you may change your mind about not seeing your toes or having a good night's sleep for years on end.

Even if your first pregnancy goes without a single uncomfortable day, your second pregnancy and those beyond it are NOTHING like your first. Because, you see, you have your first to chase around all day. So even if your head is in the toilet because of morning sickness, you still have to keep your first-born alive and well too. Add a couple more, and that perfectly blissful pregnancy of which you speak will be a long forgotten memory no matter how many nannies you may have.


I'm not trying to be a downer, and I hope you have a houseful of children and are pregnant for years to come if that's what you wish. I just wish you'd be a little less perky about the whole experience because there are pregnant women out there who can't relate. And like your perfectly feathered hair back in the day, you're causing us all to yearn for what's unattainable for most.” (emphasis mine.)

This post isn't meant to be some Marxist diatribe against wealth and the benefits it affords.  It's actually a plea for celebs to just get real.  Because I'm sick of A-listers like Jennifer Lopez talking up how has no nanny for her 3 year old twins Max and Emme. So how does she appear on American Idol and stay so damn fabulous?  By getting various family members (whom I'm guessing don't need to worry about keeping a paying job to make ends meet likely thanks to Jen's generous support) to provide childcare.