Four Reasons I'm Excited About Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch

Did you know they're getting married? Married? Yes. Married!

And here's why I think they're a great match (keeping in mind, of course, that I really don't know anything about either of them):

1. She's His PeeR (well, sort of...)

Okay, so maybe there's still a sizable age gap happening here, but at least it's less than normal. Murdoch's last wife was 37 years younger than him; Jerry's only 25 years younger. So...progress? I guess what I'm really excited about is that though Murdoch could have fallen in love with a younger woman--a woman who better fits our ideal of perfect--he's chosen someone closer to his own age. And that's kind of subversive. Just as subversive as Han Solo still being in love with Leia in the new Star Wars. I thought that was great because I totally expected him to come trotting in with Chewie and some hot 30-year-old. It's not that I have a problem with insane age gaps in general--especially if true love is involved blah blah blah--but well, Meet Your Second Wife is only hilarious because it's so damn true

2. Her Body Looks Its Age


Jerry looks amazing--no question. But she also looks like a 59-year-old woman in an era where 60 is looking a lot like 30 (Yoo hoo! Oh, Christie Brinkley!). Better yet, Jerry doesn't appear to be trying to look like a younger version of herself or other women half her age (or her daughters). Of course, because of her financial status (guessing here, no idea about her bank account) and social standing, she doesn't have to play those games, which is an extremely lucky and rare position for a middle-aged lady to be in. But still, I feel like she's owning 59 and looking fantastic, instead of trying to hide it and dial back the clock. 

3. She Wears Flats

Sure, she has legs for miles, but I think it's cool that she wears flats, which plenty of folks think isn't sexy or trying hard enough. Jerry doesn't care. She's all "I'm effing Jerry Hall. Hand me the flats."

4. She Wears Tights and Stockings

Name me another A-lister you've seen recently and regularly in stockings or tights. (Kate Middleton and her nude nylons don't count).

Name me another A-lister you've seen recently and regularly in stockings or tights. (Kate Middleton and her nude nylons don't count).

This is huge. Because according to some fashion schools of thought (like the J.Crew catalog) socks and stockings are verboten. Even if it's cold enough to be wearing, say, pants, three different loosely tucked-in, garment-dyed, sandwashed shirts, a chunky, cozy, cable knit sweater, a tweed school boy blazer, a down puffer vest, a Melton wool duffle coat, plus a hat and mittens set. Even then, some fashion arbiters refuse women socks or tights. Jerry, though, she wears 'em. Fishnet Tights Done Right, everytime

IMHO, Jerry's stockings are a refusal to buy into the (messed up) notion that women's legs are supposed to be tanned and glossy. All the time. Like Amy Schumer's legs in this parody of a sexy young guest on a late night talk show. And that's so totally real of her.

So yeah, Jerry and Rupert. Congratulations to him... and all the best to her--as she continues to break the rules, just like she always has


(PS Eat your heart out, Mick.)