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Over the years, my father has melded his love of exploring with his excellent memory and professional expertise (he’s an attorney in New York City who has litigated high profile cases for clients from the US, Europe, Africa and South America). The result: timely, often provocative, essays and opinion pieces that have been published both in America and overseas by outlets including The Litchfield County Times and The Country & AbroadScrisul Romanesc(Romania), Britić (Great Britain), and Pećat (Serbia).

Teen Girls (and Writers!) Take Manhattan

Teen Girls (and Writers!) Take Manhattan

Last week, I was home in New York City attending the awesome annual conference of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. Not only was it great to meet other ultra-talented writers like  Crai Bower (a most awesome travel expert.  Check out his stuff.  Seriously), Molly Blake, and Jen Reeder....I also got to meet a handful of inspiring girls from Raleigh, North Carolina who had come to New York to participate in a Model UN.  Which I think is great, because I loved me some Model Congress back when I was in high school, and I adore hearing about girls who are following their passions instead of getting caught up in celebrity hype.

Finding Audrey....

Where's Audrey?I'm home in New York right now and it seems like old times.  I've gone shopping (oh, there's been a lot of shopping), seen friends from high school, had uninterrupted conversations with people, and just had time to think, explore and reconnect with myself (Sweet Jesus that sounds hokey).

My kids haven't really spent much time in New York yet.  On the few occasions they've been here, they were both so young they can't possibly remember anything.  As a result, I don't really associate New York--or the person I am here--with them.  Which means I have to keep reminding myself as I walk around and feel totally at home that I have two kids waiting for me.  In Canada.  Weird.