The perfect diaper bag is a work of art

A thing of beauty. My Okiedog bag (sigh).

File this under things I never thought I’d write about.  I mean, diaper bags?  Booooring. There are all the same.  Just go for the prestige and get a Coach/Kate Spade/whatever.  Mais non, mon amie!  The perfect diaper bag (much like the perfect purse or tote) is actually a work of art.  It’s a blend of design and functionality—and if one leeetle thing isn’t right (the straps are too long/too short; the bag doesn’t stand up on it’s own; the lining is so dark that things get lost inside--hello Kate Spade.  I'm talking to you), the bag ends up collecting dust in the closet.  At least that’s what happens in my house.

So now, let me count the ways I love my new Okiedog Equinox Metro Messenger diaper bag.