Day 140. I am the master of my own back pain

My Mizuno Wave Runners, 9.5 AA, complete with custom orthotic are just aching to get out there.My back has been bothering me a lot lately.  No, like really a lot.  In fact every time I go to yoga, it chiropractically adjusts itself about ten different times in all sorts of poses.  

Sometimes all I need to do is lie down flat on my back on the floor, which I can't really do since my hips are torqued due to all sorts of problems with scoliosis, tight muscles and the like.  Other times, I can get my back to release by doing forward folds, child's pose or half tortoise (at Bikram), and ahhhh does it feel good. Until it starts to hurt again almost immediately. 

So in the midst of all these back issues, I decided to run around the block today--twice.