My Day

11:15 am, the playground

  •  Get up (6:25 am)
  • Help bathe kids, wash hair
  • Dress kids
  • Feed kids
  • Load dishwasher that didn't run last night because the knob on the front is currently Felix's favorite toy
  • Eat
  • Check email
  • Strategize with Chris about a) Easter b) Thomas the Train day trip in June that we need to buy tickets for ASAP c) Spring program sign up for kids
  • Help Ollie get off to school
  • Fold laundry
  • Work on iCal spread sheet of possible Spring classes and activities for kids
  • Call mom-in-arms Willow.  No answer
  • Put away laundry
  • Call Mom.  No answer
  • Try to reschedule majorly important, once-a-year doctor appointment that I needed to do blood work for last week and haven't.  Without it, 9:00 appointment tomorrow is pretty useless
  • Change out of pyjamas.</li