Day 265: What is the state of *you*?

The other day, one of my favorite teachers asked us to reflect on our physical state that morning.  I was pumped, actually --rarin' to go since her class tends to be a bit more challenging than some of the other morning classes (yawn, restorative yoga for old ladies.  But hey, a 7am class means less chaos and inconvenience for my family... so I do it some days whether or not I love the teacher/vibe.).  

So my physical state?  Good. Sharp. Eager.  Mental and spiritual state? Wellll, that's actually taken me a few days to figure out.   But here it is, a portrait of the state of me:

Day 140. I am the master of my own back pain

My Mizuno Wave Runners, 9.5 AA, complete with custom orthotic are just aching to get out there.My back has been bothering me a lot lately.  No, like really a lot.  In fact every time I go to yoga, it chiropractically adjusts itself about ten different times in all sorts of poses.  

Sometimes all I need to do is lie down flat on my back on the floor, which I can't really do since my hips are torqued due to all sorts of problems with scoliosis, tight muscles and the like.  Other times, I can get my back to release by doing forward folds, child's pose or half tortoise (at Bikram), and ahhhh does it feel good. Until it starts to hurt again almost immediately. 

So in the midst of all these back issues, I decided to run around the block today--twice.

Namaste, people.

Namaste, people.I'm into yoga now.

I used to be into running.  Really into it.  I ran for years on several continents, in many cities, in all kinds of weather, usually early in the morning. My running shoes and I have been everywhere together from Stockholm to Rangoon; from Nantucket to Phuket; from Lake Como to the Napa Valley. 

I wasn't particularly fast (2003 NYC Marathon time: 4h30min) but I was dedicated.  In fact, once I got in the zone I had a hard time stopping.  When I used to live in Venice, California, I'd go out for a run along the beach and if things went well, I'd end up calling my husband collect from a sandy pay phone and asking him to grab me some dry clothes before heading down to Manhattan or Redondo Beach--a cool 10+ miles around the Marina and down the bike path from our house--to meet me an hour later