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My work has appeared in these publications...and many others. Below is a partial list with some links! 


The Washington Post


Open Table

Apartment Therapy


The Vancouver Sun



  • LEGO to Make Female Characters with Science Jobs

  • Parents Paying Up to $1000 to Help Pack Kids for Summer Camp

About Face 

Girls Life

  • Under the Influence: Can Girls Inherit Bad Body Image from their Mothers? (October 2013)

  • Crossing the Line: When Teens Sexually Harass Other Teens (April 2012)

  • Do You 'Like' Me? Is Facebook Ruining Your Love Life? (February 2012)

  • Helping or Harming? Can Parents Do Too Much For Their Kids? (December 2011)

  • Sunny Side Up: Teens and Optimism (April 2011)

  • Mad Love, A Special Report on teen girls who abuse their boyfriends (February 2011)

Healing Lifestyles and Spas

The Georgia Straight

Coping With Life After Baby

Elegant Bride

Honeymoon Journal: Our Amazing Burma Adventure

Pilates Style

Pilates Across the Pacific (focus on the new Pilates studio at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental hotel in Hong Kong)

Teen People

Starving for Friendship: Can You Catch Anorexia From a Friend?

AMC Outdoors

Going for the Garbage: Racers Compete to Clean Up Rivers and Trails


My Best Friend Saved My Life


Is Better Body Image Contagious?


Soul Sisters:  These students are self-confident thanks to their poetry and the body image club they started